Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

RIRR Officers, Directors and Members will not engage in activities that would result in personal benefit or utilize any Club resources for their personal benefit, or to the benefit of another organization.  Members must immediately cease any activities that are determined by RIRR Officers or Directors to be in a Conflict of Interest or potential Conflict of Interest.

1) Members participating in fund raising for another organization may not use any Club resource; including but not limited to:

  • Club’s electronic media; including the Club Website, Facebook page, ERIRR, Constant Contact, Twitter or membership list or other forms of communication with RIRR members.
  • Use of the Club name in any form or the Club logo in any form.
  • Direct solicitation of Club Members is prohibited.
  • Fund raising activities on behalf of the Club require approval of by the Board of Directors and must be compliant with the IRS guidelines.

2)  A benefit may be defined as; but not limited to; the following:

  • A promotional discount, free race entry, invitational entry, discount, compensation, payment of fees or any other form of monetary compensation that is exclusive to an Officer, Director or Member.

3)  An Officer, Director or Member cannot take action or vote to benefit another organization in favor of RIRR. An  Officer, Director or Member must recuse themselves from any vote for funding, support, use of volunteers or other Club resources; regardless of the position held in another organization.

4)  Benefits must be made equally available to all Club Members. In the case of limited quantities, the Club may use a contest, lottery or drawing to award the benefit.  Members may be required to meet eligibility requirements for participation in contest, lottery or drawings.