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You can select the appropriate payment button below (New/Renew, Individual/Family).  Please use the Comments section to note your full name, gender, and date of birth.  We need the info for the Grand Prix scoring.  Also, the email associated with the PayPal account making the payment will be used to add to the Membership Roll, unless you indicate you want a different (or additional) one used.  Finally, we would love to know how you heard about the club and what prompted you to join!

You can purchase or Renew an Individual Membership ($25) by clicking the PayPal button here:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

You can purchase or Renew a Family Membership ($35) (2 or more family members living under the same roof) here:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

or if you prefer to fill out a form and mail in a check, click here RIRR Membership Application.

28 thoughts on “Join the Club!

    • Just wondering– I am not included in the list for re-upping my membership. If it is because i am an “elderly” lifetime member, I notice a couple of others (Tanner, Colinan,..) who are also “elders” but are listed for reupping their membership

    • Kevin, my dues is not due till 6-2015. June has always been my renewal as that is when I joined. I paid it before the CFP 5-Miler . Tom Morley and Roger Gosciminski also paid before the Club Picnic. What’s Up ???

  1. I just joined. Very excited to be a part of your organization. For Grand Prix… Linda smith…. Female.. 7/9/61. Although I’m sure my races won’t count this year, at least I’ll be on record! Um, one question….. now that I’m officially a member where do I buy some of your cool tshirts I’ve seen on the road??!! Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hi there. Looking to join a jogging/running club whilst living here in Bristol till November. Where do you guys meet? How many times a week etc. I can’t seem to find any of this lol!

    Many thanks,

    • I just joined and am hoping to find a running group in Bristol RI. Are there any runs at Colt Park? I thought I read there are runs on Sat mornings. My email is

      Best Regards,


  3. Hi there. I just joined and paid my fees. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Anyway, my name is Jason Shrontz. I’m a male, born on 12/21/1979. My email address is Looking forward to getting more involved.

    Take care,

  4. Good evening from Guam! I am a runner who is moving from Guam to Rhode Island in April. I am looking to connect with other runners. Where do you meet to run and how long are most runs?

    • Hi Stephanie. Sorry about the delay in response. We’ve had a change in command and are still getting folks up to speed. We have several members who host runs. They usually post on the FB page for RIRR. I host runs in the Providence area (mostly Lincoln Woods) and will be doing so in a few weeks. You might want to join the Thursday night PUB runs which I post on RIRR FB and our home webpage. Below are the last 2 weeks and we will switch to a 5 week fun run in the Warren area. Let me know if you need more info.
      May 18th – The Little Bear in Tiverton — Santillo
      May 25th – The Guild Narragansett Brewery (this is tentative) — Johan

    • Margaret, there are a couple of PUB runs left (Thursday night) and then we will shift to 5 weeks of fun runs in Warren at the Ramble course location. I will be posting the latter schedule on our website and the RIRR FB page.
      May 18th – The Little Bear in Tiverton — Santillo
      May 25th – The Guild Narragansett Brewery (this is tentative) — Johan

  5. Hi my name is Natalia Scarpetti and I just joined online. I met MaryAnne on Sunday at the East Bay 10k and am excited to meet more of the group. I will look up the group on Facebook and join there as well.

  6. Christopher R. Bessin, Male, 30.Aug.1983. My paypal email is crbsailor@yahoo, but the email i check is BessinCR@gmail.

    I’m joining this group because of the wonerful people who are in it. I feel that runners have some of the best attitudes/outlooks on life. Also, Im just starting to get into pacing and love it!

  7. Jennifer (Jen) Thomas, Female, 8/22/86
    My dad Bruce is a member & I volunteered with the club for the Boston Marathon in April, so figured it was about time I make my membership official! Looking forward to meeting more of you at races soon!

  8. Hi my name is Jennifer Bland-Mckenzie. I just paid the $25 to sign up for the running email address is Not sure what else you need from me. My addr se is 137O hope st Bristol R.I. My number is(401) 338-7134. Thanks Jenn

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