Join the Club!

You can select the appropriate payment button below (New/Renew, Individual/Family).  Please use the Comments section to note your full name, gender, and date of birth.  We need the info for the Grand Prix scoring.  The email associated with the PayPal account making the payment will be used to add to the Membership Roll, unless you indicate you want a different (or additional) one used.
Finally, we would love to know how you heard about the club and what prompted you to join!
Membership is considered lapsed if unpaid for 90 days.  At this point you will receive a new anniversary date.

You can purchase or Renew an Individual Membership ($25) by clicking the PayPal button here:

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You can purchase or Renew a Family Membership ($35) (2 or more family members living under the same roof) here:

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or if you prefer to fill out a form and mail in a check, click here RIRR Membership Application.