Benefits to Joining

“It’s not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it.”  ~L. M. Montgomery
  • a great way to meet and network with other runners of all ages and experience
  • you’ll meet people who understand and support your running and with whom you can talk (no “it’s bad for your knees” or “you’re too old to be running” or “marathons are silly”).
  • makes races more fun, as you can race against club members as well
  • group runs
  • annual picnic
  • annual awards dinner
  • annual Grand Prix competition
  • Ironman award (race 250 or more miles total in calendar year)
  • New England Cup travel award (race in all New England states in a calendar year)
  • pacing at half and full marathons
  • monthly newsletter  (e-mailed to you)
  • volunteer opportunities (opportunities to give back to the sport thru BAA, Adopt a Sport, etc..)
  • great website!
  • an opportunity to contribute. Your energy, input, creativity, ideas, and efforts are always welcome and appreciated.
  • Discounts at many local races (listed here on this secret hidden page on the RIRR website)