Volunteer for Race Directors

Most race directors will reciprocate with a free race, the distance depending on the individual volunteer assignments.  Contact race directors for more information.

Rhode Races pays RIRR a stipend when we volunteer as a group.  The stipend is used to offset member benefits (picnic, banquet, awards, etc.).  Group assignments will be flagged in red.

In addition, RIRRs receive points for the Volunteer Appreciate Program when supporting race directors:

Rhode Races

Unfortunately the wine run in Westport has been cancelled.  Check the website for other volunteer opportunities.

Sign up link – https://runri.us/

Ocean State Multisport

Gary Minissian has a range of races to volunteer for:

Sign up link – https://www.oceanstatemultisport.com/volunteer

True North

Jay will be posting races in the near future