About RIRR

The Rhode Island Road Runners is the smallest state’s largest running club. Our members come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Despite the name, we even have a growing number of recreational and race walkers in our ranks.

The RIRR is a way to expand your running/walking world, and see just how fun this hobby (some say addiction) can be! The club is very active, with weekly training runs throughout the state, pacing for high profile races, a summer cookout and winter banquet, a Grand Prix series, and a bunch of awards for which to compete.

Disclaimer:  This website and all information posted by the Rhode Island Road Runners (RIRR) is offered solely as a courtesy to the local running community, for the purpose of fostering and encouraging running in Rhode Island. Except as expressly stated otherwise on a case-by-case basis, RIRR is not responsible for hosting or managing any running, social or other event (including without limitation Pub Runs), and we do not accept any responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, injuries or other liabilities with respect to either the accuracy of the information posted, or arising out of any event listed or otherwise promoted by RIRR. Individuals participating in any posted event accept full responsibility, on behalf of themselves, their estate, beneficiaries and heirs, for their own activity, and accept the inherent risks potentially associated with any such activity, including without limitation any and all injuries, financial or other losses, and death. Any and all runners under the age of 18 are required to first obtain the permission of a parent or legal guardian, who shall agree to the foregoing terms and conditions on their behalf.