Boston Marathon Lottery Procedures

Members MUST abide by the bylaw stated in Article III, Section 3 – Conflict of Interest.

RIRR Bylaws

Failure to follow the Boston Lottery procedures will result in the member being ineligible to participate in future Boston Lottery drawings.

The Club annually receives applications for entry to the Boston Marathon which are exempt from regular time qualifying standards. The club shall maintain membership in whatever organization necessary in order to retain eligibility for receipt of said Applications.

When the Applications are received, it will be the responsibility of the Membership Coordinator or their appointed representative to coordinate their submission according to the following guidelines:

A deadline for an eligible member to submit their name for consideration for an application will be set and publicized.

Members may not receive an application in consecutive years except as set forth below.

Members must have joined the club by July 31st of the same year as the distribution to be eligible.

In the event that the number of submitting eligible members equals the number of available applications, no lottery is necessary. Each member shall receive an application.

In the event that the number of members submitting their name for consideration exceeds the number of available applications, a lottery will be conducted to determine the recipients. Each eligible member will receive one chance for each consecutive year for which they have submitted their interest but not received an Application from the Club.

All entered names will be drawn and the order recorded by the Meetings Coordinator. Members selected for the entry will have 7 calendar days from the date of notification to meet with the Membership Coordinator to provide both the registration information and registration fee to the Club or forfeit their eligibility.  Application will then be up for redistribution. Redistribution will be according to the order in which names were drawn and each subsequent member will have 7 calendar days to complete their payment and registration with the Membership Coordinator. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of submitted members, whether that be at the time of initial distribution or following redistribution, initial eligibility requirements will be waived and distribution will occur to those submitting their names.  In the event that a second lottery is necessary, it will be conducted according to the initial lottery procedures.

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of interested members, the Membership Coordinator shall be responsible to actively recruit interested persons. The only requirement for said persons to receive an application will be to submit their application for membership to the Club.

All lotteries will be conducted using some sort of machinated number selection apparatus.  The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for submitting the completed entries and registration fees to BAA.

Eligibility Requirements
1. Member in good standing for the entire calendar year of the drawing. This means paid in full, no more than 30 days beyond membership renewal date for the year.

2. Must meet all BAA specified eligibility requirements to the letter.

3. Must meet three of the aggregated eligibility requirements.

Aggregated Eligibility Requirements
Members who provide volunteer service toward or on behalf of the club in at least three of the following capacities:
1. Volunteer for club race(s).
2. Volunteer at club’s picnic.
3. Volunteer at club’s Awards Banquet.
4. Author and submit three race reports to the club’s monthly newsletter.
5. Volunteer to maintain the Club Adopt-A-Spot.
6. Attend three or more club meetings.
7. Participate in a club group volunteer effort (such as a water stop, pace leader, etc.).
8. Other activities that are approved by the Board (bearing in mind that the whole purpose of having this eligibility requirement is to increase the number of members that contribute to the club’s operation and general well-being) and posted via the newsletter, website or eRIRR mail blast (Constant Contact).
9. Recruiting one new member (only one club member can get credit for an individual recruit).
10. Host a RIRR table