Boston Marathon Lottery Procedures

Members MUST abide by the bylaw stated in Article III, Section 3 – Conflict of Interest.

RIRR Bylaws

Failure to follow the Boston Lottery procedures will result in the member being ineligible to participate in future Boston Lottery drawings.  The recipient is responsible for forfeiting the waiver in case of injury.

The Club annually receives applications for entry to the Boston Marathon which are exempt from regular time qualifying standards. The club shall maintain membership in whatever organization necessary in order to retain eligibility for receipt of said Applications.

When the Applications are received, it will be the responsibility of the Membership Coordinator or their appointed representative to coordinate their submission according to the following guidelines:

A deadline for an eligible member to submit their name for consideration for an application will be set and publicized.

Members cannot enter the lottery for 4 years from race date unless the club has more waivers than lottery entries.

In the event that the number of submitting eligible members equals the number of available applications, no lottery is necessary. Each member shall receive an application.  

In the event that the number of members submitting their name for consideration exceeds the number of available applications, a lottery will be conducted to determine the recipients. Each eligible member will receive one chance for each consecutive year for which they have submitted their interest but not received an Application from the Club.

All entered names will be drawn and the order recorded by the Meetings Coordinator. Members selected for the entry will have 7 calendar days from the date of notification to meet with the Membership Coordinator to provide both the registration information and registration fee to the Club or forfeit their eligibility.  Application will then be up for redistribution. Redistribution will be according to the order in which names were drawn and each subsequent member will have 7 calendar days to complete their payment and registration with the Membership Coordinator. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of submitted members, whether that be at the time of initial distribution or following redistribution, initial eligibility requirements will be waived and distribution will occur to those submitting their names.  In the event that a second lottery is necessary, it will be conducted according to the initial lottery procedures.

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of interested members, the Membership Coordinator shall be responsible to actively recruit interested persons. The only requirement for said persons to receive an application will be to submit their application for membership to the Club.

The drawing mechanism will be decided by ballots or some other means of selection process. The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for issuing the waivers to the drawing winners.

Eligibility Requirements
1. Member in good standing for the entire calendar year of the drawing. This means paid in full, no more than 30 days beyond membership renewal date for the year.

2. Must meet all BAA specified eligibility requirements to the letter.  The terms and conditions will be contained in the email from the BAA that will be forwarded to waiver winner(s).

Terms and Conditions from the BAA

  1. Each participant, in signing the race entry form, agrees to comply with terms and conditions on the entry form and those posted at  Any conflicts will result in disqualification of the participant and review of the club’s standing with the Boston Athletic Association.
  2. Participant will NOT be eligible for a deferment if unable to participate.
  3. Applications must be used solely by official members of the club. These members MUST live in the same geographic location in which the club is based. There will be no exceptions.
  4. You acknowledge that you are authorized to act on behalf of the club identified in this agreement.
  5. Apart from the qualifying time standard, all other entry requirements must be met.
  6. These special invitational entries may not be transferred to another party, sold, auctioned, used as awards or distributed in any other manner. 
  7. You will not allow or encourage athletes from the club to run the Boston Marathon as unofficial runners.
  8. “BOSTON MARATHON®”, “B.A.A. BOSTON MARATHON®”, and the B.A.A. Unicorn logo are registered trademarks of the Boston Athletic Association.  Use of these trademarks without written permission from the B.A.A. is prohibited. 
  9. Any sponsorship or promotion of this program, and related benefits, must be reviewed and approved in advance by the B.A.A. and must not be in conflict with current Boston Marathon sponsors, as determined by the B.A.A.
  10. The club will indemnify and hold the B.A.A., its governors, officers, employees, sponsors, volunteers, agents and assigns harmless from any damages, liabilities, claims, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, arising in any way out of the Boston Marathon in connection with or as a result of this program.

Once the entry form is submitted by the athlete, no substitutions will be made.  Bib numbers will be assigned, either behind the qualified field, or if qualified, in the appropriate starting wave and corral. Any qualifying times will be verified and must both fall within the current qualifying window (September 1, 2021 – present), and have been run on a marathon course certified by USATF or foreign equivalent. Please note that invitational entries may not be used for any Para Athletics division or Adaptive programs, as field size limits have already been met. ”

3. You must satisfy the requirements from each of the following three groups:

Group 1 – Volunteer for a BAA event
Select one to meet mandatory requirement

Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon Packet Stuffing
BAA 10k
BAA 13.1
Any other BAA event

Group 2 – Multiple tasks to select from
Select any three different tasks from this list

Providence Marathon Water Stop – this counts as 2 tasks
Rhode Races Bristol Half Marathon Water Stop
Bristol Colt State Park Half Marathon Water Stop
Write 3 race reports
Run 2 Grand Prix races –
Attend a meeting
Pace a race
Volunteer for a race director

Group 3 – Complete a half marathon distance race
You must have run a certified half marathon or longer distance between January 1st and December 15th (or by the meeting date in which the lottery is held) in the year of the drawing.  For example, you must run a half marathon in 2020 to be eligible for the drawing in December 2020 for the marathon dated April 2021.

You can double dip in the group 2 category by pacing a half marathon that is part of the Grand Prix series.  It will also count towards group 3, completing a half marathon.

Past Results 
2018 – Christy Brennan, Bryan Ganley
2019 – Eric Benevides, Natalia Scarpetti
2021 – Solange Morrissette, Richard Barke
2022 – Kevin Brennan, Nels Johnson
2023 – Johann Gomez, Liz Eddins, Marianne Currie