Jerry Musco President’s Award

2018 Kate McGowan

2017 Pat LaChance

2016 Solange Morrisette and Don Clukies

2015 Nels Johnson

2014 Eric Benevides

“Its hard to read anything mainstream these days and not be left shaking your head… whether its international and the atrocities of ISIS… nationally the stories of killings… national stories but local to us – the trial in Fall River, and very close to our homes and hearts – the bombing trial in Boston… we read the stories, and our heads shake from side to side, at times tears leak from our eyes… But he celebrates us.  He broadcasts our experiences.  He documents our successes – in fact he tracks them.  His dedication to and within our club today is rivalled by no one… he is passionate and patient and professional… he doesn’t take a month off… every month we read about each other… his work –  which like too many volunteer posts -is wrought with more criticisms than thank yous… but he listens, and grins, and keeps broadcasting on our behalves… and I’d be lying if I told you he did it for free – after all he did just get paid $20.  On the night that the late Jerry Musco was inducted into the Club Hall of Fame he was described in this way:  “His life wasn’t about success in running, it was all about the other runners,”  Tonight, we thank him with our applause, appreciation and recognize him as  the two-time winner of the Jerry Musco President‘s Award – Eric Benevides”

2013 Pat LaChance

2012 Eric Benevides

2011 Maryanne Donato

2010 Steve Donato

2009 Chuck Hyson