HOF 2023

Lisa Meehan Powell

Lisa joined RIRR in March of 2006 having recently relocated from the Baltimore area, hailing originally from Gardner, MA. AKA G VEGAS

Lisa’s “adult” running career began in earnest in 2002 served the club as Vice President for 4 years beginning in 2009.

She introduced the idea of a Hall of Fame in June of 2010 and the first class was enshrined in 2011 under her leadership of the Hall of Fame Committee.

She continued in this role following her Vice Presidency, supporting new Hall classes for ten straight years.

She served as head Coach of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Middle School Cross Country team from 2006 through 2012.

Lisa is the proud mother of 3 young men who between them have picked up 3 bachelors degrees – Ryan at Harvard and Sean at PC

Lisa is the proud wife of long time Bishop Feehan Coach Paul Powell, who has an equally impressive list of running credentials himself.

Lisa brings her running to work where she has been a Physical Therapist for 3 decades with her magnetic and enthusiastic personality that makes her truly special. There are races, and there are races with great post-races, and then there are post-races that Lisa attends. Coining the phrase “Home of the 5 hour 5k,” Lisa’s presence makes everything better, longer, more expensive, more dangerous, and more memorable. No one has escaped a post race interaction with Lisa without at least one belly laugh and one “oh jeez we are gonna get in a fight” moment.

Some of my Kevin’s favorite Lisa moments include:

Breakfast shots with Julie at the club meetings

The beer tent after the Blessing


The Boston Marathon

Her wedding to Paul where they wrote their own vows – Lisa re-purposed the advice she received over the years as her vows and my personal favorite was “Girlfriend you should get some food in your stomach so you don’t get so banged up”

Tinker’s Nest Car Bombs after the Rambles

Every time we went to the 133 in EP

Reach the Beach NH

Her commitment to her family, her friends, her running, and this club and our running enjoyment are all of the reasons the RIRR Hall of Fame is proud to include Lisa Powell.

Select running accomplishments:

Over 250 road races since 2002.

23 marathons

1st marathon Marine Corps 10/2002

most recent Amsterdam 10/16/2022

Dublin marathon 10/27/2015

14 Boston marathons PR 3:51:40 2010

20 miler PR 2:46:13 Eastern States 3/28/2010

30K PR 2:42:40 Stu’s 3/1/2009

Half marathon PR 1:43:07 Hyannis 2008

10 miler PR 1:14:26 Cherry Blossom 10 miler 4/4/2004

10K PR 44:20 Pikes Peak 10K 4/27/2003

5 miler PR 36:02 Red Rooster Ramble 8/28/2008

5K PR 21:25  Garrett’s 5K 4/17/2004

Mount Washington (One and Done)1:56:28 6/21/2008

Reach the Beach Relay(Highlight race with RIRR’s