HOF 2013

Hall of Fame Inductees for 2013

Chuck Hyson HOF 2013 CHUCK HYSON

A lighthouse.  Its what he is and has been.  Providing critical information for our benefit.  When its been quiet, he shared news and when its been noisy, he’s always been easy to spot.  There certainly has been no greater ambassador for our club since the first President… he combines Jerry’s inclusiveness and enthusiasm with Freddy’s experience and expertise and Joe’s persistence and Jimmy’s (and Eric’s) creativity, and Milt’s loyalty and reverence to become perhaps the greatest Rhode Island Road Runner yet.  In the 80’s kids wanted to be like Mike; this year and all years from now, I hope we can all be like Chuck


Milt Schumacher HOF 2013MILT SCHUMACHER

Milt Schumacher. Not only has he had a great running career — a three-time Grand Prix champion, all the honors he’d had as a 60-plus runner in New England, and of course, before he turned 60! — but he’s also made contributions to the running community with his Monday night track workouts at Smithfield High and his Run the Reservoir 15K, whose proceeds go to a local food bank.

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