Boston Marathon – Volunteer for the Water Stop

NOTE: Please use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate the form. Using your browser’s back button will exit you from your application.

If you want to volunteer — and what a good experience you will have! — visit this link: or follow the steps below:

Steps to Register Within Athletes’ Village

Log in to your  B.A.A. Athletes’ Village account  or  create an account  if you have not done so already.

Navigate to the “Volunteers” tab within Athletes’ Village.

Select the “To Volunteer Click Here” button to be brought to the volunteer application. 

Step 1 – Volunteer Waiver

·      Please agree to the Volunteer Waiver in order to proceed with your application.

Step 2 – Contact Information

·      Please complete and review all contact information sections.

Step 3 – Medical or General Volunteer Application

·      Indicate whether you are applying as a Medical Volunteer or a General Volunteer.

Step 4 – Specialized Volunteer Information

·      General Volunteers: Indicate whether or not you are an Amateur Radio Volunteer.

·      Medical Volunteers: Complete all medical license or medical student/medical support information.

Step 5 – Individual or Group Application

·      Select that you are joining an existing group.

·      Use the group name “RIRR” and passcode “2021

Step 6 – Assignment Preferences

·      Review assignment preferences if joining an existing group.

Confirmation Page

·      Your application is complete once you see an Application Confirmation number.