RIRR Night at Fenway!

Thursday 9/24 vs Tampa Bay… we have 25 tickets and a school bus to provide round trip transportation.  $30 per person gets you a game ticket and a seat on the bus for round trip transportation… no driving hassle, no parking hassle, just a fun night at the ball park.  Family members and friends welcome, all the same price.  Wear your RIRR gear and enjoy Runner’s Night at Fenway.  Meet up with the bus in Seekonk – likely the old Showcase Cinema near the 195 on/off ramp.  Click on the PayPal image below to buy tickets.



Runners Night Shor

One thought on “Events

  1. 15th anniversary revenge of Jo’s lounge 5k. This was one of the toughest 5k’s in New England for 5 years. Bringing it back for it’s anniversary on Friday June 13th at 6:30. Come one come all and relive the agony and the ecstasy. The agony is the 5k, The ecstasy is Clukie’s pot luck party following the run. call me for more info john 714-4581

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