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Don Clukies

Don Clukies has been inducted into the RIRR Hall of Fame class of 2017. So what can we say about Clukes! This wonderful man puts the fun in running! If you haven’t had a chance to see Don  in action then you probably are not out on the  running scene very often. This guy is  everywhere …. He runs a race pretty  much every weekend…. As John Santillo puts it “if there is  a race to be run Clukies is there”. He not only shows up but he places in his age category for almost every race he runs.

His passion for running goes way beyond the race.  He has been a dedicated and committed Rhode Island Road Runner for many years.  He is involved with our club on so many levels. If you go to the monthly meeting he is there, Thursday night pub runs he is there rain, snow, cold, no worries, volunteering as a pacer CHECK, coordinating and cooking at the annual club picnic CHECK, providing post race  refreshments out of his trunk CHECK,CHECK,CHECK .

Don also opens up his home to all of us twice a year… where he provides a run, a very unique Yankee swap , oh and more  of those previously talked about refreshments—only this time out of his own awesome kegarator!   Many of us have the privilege of hearing from Don everyday via email.  Some of these emails aren’t about running but they still are a bit racey. Either way it lets us know he is thinking of us and puts a smile on our face.

Don running resume is very impressive. He has completed 906 races.  As I started sorting through all these races I realized his personal best aren’t only about the time on the race clock but also about the good time he had during the whole race experience.

Stats – 906 Races

5k                23:07   Workers Memorial Dartmouth
5mi             38:58    Lexington Patriots Day
10k             48:30    Hospice Run Newport
10mi        1:21:38   Bristol 10 Mile Foot Race
13.1mi     1:48:14   Hartford Half Marathon
26.2mi     4:38:11   The Breakers Marathon Middletown
50k           8:30:22   Canandaigua Fifties Ultra

6 Marathons (one trail), 1 Ultra, 1 Triathalon (sprint), 3 Reach the Beach relays, 2 running camps (Craftsbury, Omega Chi Running),  New Years Day Plunge (Hampton Beach), Running Cruise vacation, 2 Hockomock Rat Series, 1 Pub Series, 1 “Will Run for Beer” Series, and 1 “Will Run for Food” Series.