BAA Volunteer Steps

BAA Half Marathon Volunteer – Sunday October 8th, 2017

Water Stop #7

Estimated time 7 am – 11 am

How to sign up:


Note:  Pass code is listed below

  1. CLICK HERE to access the 2017 B.A.A. Half Marathon Volunteer application
  2. Two ways to register:
  • Register as a new volunteer – manually enter the information for registering
  • Login with my B.A.A. Loyalty Number – automatically fills in information from a past volunteer effort

You can ALWAYS register as a new user (you will have to retype all the information).  The Loyalty number merely stores information previously entered.

Returning Volunteers: You will need to enter your Volunteer Loyalty Number and zip code. This information will be emailed to you on August 17, 2017.

  1. Complete the personal information. If you are a medical group, select “yes.”
  2. Group Status: Select “join an existing group”
  3. Find the group name in the drop-down list and type the pass code

Group Name: RIRR
Pass code: RIRR401

  1. Complete the remainder of the application and make note of the on-screen confirmation number. Seeing the on-screen confirmation is indication that you have successfully completed the online application.

Group members receive separate correspondence from the B.A.A. and are individually responsible for making sure they are aware of B.A.A. policies and procedures.

Notification of acceptance will be emailed on or around September 12, 2017.

BAA 10K Volunteer Registration Steps