Race Information

For 2022 there is a 16-event schedule, and you will need to run at least 50 percent of the events (EIGHT) in order to count in the standings. Once it is evident that you will not be able to run in eight events, your times and scores will not count toward the standings.

There will be NO tiebreakers in the standings. If there’s a four-way tie for first place, then so be it. … If a race does not have a neutral, official timer, then the race will not count. … Virtual races and self-timed races will also not count. … And if you are delinquent in your membership dues to the RIRR and you compete in a Grand Prix race, then your time from that race will not count.


1. Hangover Classic 5-Miler, Saturday, Jan. 1, Bristol, R.I.
2. Spring 5K – Pick One Of Four Races
(Crazy Clam on Sunday, March 13 – Pomham Rock on Saturday. April 23 – R.I. State Police 5K on Sunday, April 24 — Cranky Crab on Sunday, May 15.)
3. Spring 10K – Pick One Of Four Races
(Hyannis 10K on Sunday, Feb. 22 — Aquidneck 10K on Sunday, March 20 — Pomham Rock on Saturday, April 23 – Cranky Crab on Sunday, May 15.)
4. Spring Half Marathon – Pick One Of Five Races
(Hyannis on Sunday, Feb. 27 — Crazy Clam on Sunday, March 13 – Providence on Sunday, May 1 — Cranky Crab on Sunday, May 15 — Horseneck Beach on Sunday, May 22.)
5. Southern New England Marathon – Pick One of Six Races
(Hyannis on Sunday, Feb. 27 — Boston on Monday, April 18 – Providence on Sunday, May 1 — Hartford on Saturday, Oct. 8 — Newport (Amica) on Sunday, Oct. 9 — Lowell on Sunday, Oct. 16.)
6. The Mike Proto “Cross Country in the Park” Wednesday Night 5K Series that will run from May 18 to Aug. 31. You only need to run once! If you run more than once, your best time will count as your time for this event.
7. Summer 10-Miler — Pick either the Bank Newport 10-Miler on Sunday, June 5 or the Blessing of the Fleet 10-Miler on Friday, July 29.
8. Narragansett Summer Nights 5K, Thursday, June 23, Bristol, R.I.
9. Summer Half Marathon – Pick one of three races
(Independence on June 25 in Bristol, R.I., Narragansett Summer Running Festival on July 17 in Easton, Mass., Johnny Kelley on Aug. 6 in New London, Conn.)
10. Fourth of July 4-Miler: Pick either Dedham’s “Four on the Fourth” or Cumberland’s Arnold Mills Road Races
11. Common Fence Point 5-Miler Club Run, Sunday, Aug. 21, Portsmouth, R.I.
12. Finish for a Guinness 5K, Sunday, Sept. 4, Warren, R.I.
13. Fall Half Marathon – Pick One Of Three Races
(Jamestown, Newport (Amica), Colt State Park)
14. Fall 5K – Pick One Of Four Races (TBA)
15. Fall 10K – Pick One Of Three Races (TBA)
16. Nooseneck 18K, Monday, Dec. 26, West Greenwich, R.I.
A few notes from the Grand Prix director:
1. If the Nooseneck 18K does not take place, then it will not be made up and those who have ran in eight races by that race will be the ones who qualify for the series. Seven out of 16 races is 43.75 percent, not 50. And eight out of 15 is 53.33 percent.
2. The races for the Fall 5K and Fall 10K will not be announced until the links to register for them are online. Fall races that disappointed the Grand Prix director last year will also not be considered for this year’s schedule.
3. For the first time in the history of the series, there are four FREE races on the schedule: The Mike Proto Series, the Common Fence Club Run, the Johnny Kelley Half, and the Nooseneck 18K. Play your cards right and run those races, and you’re halfway to getting in your eight events!
4. How were these races picked for the Grand Prix series?
A. They have truly outstanding post-race festivities (beer, food, etc.).
B. Twenty or more RIRR members, whether they were either runners or volunteers, attended them last year.
C. We think the world of almost all these race directors, a few of who are in our club, and some of these RDs were more than generous enough to donate race entries to our banquet’s raffle.
D. These races all took place in 2020 and/or 2021 and there’s no mystery if they will be back or not in 2022.
And one final thing, this schedule and the rules (in terms of the number of races to qualify) ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, especially with the threat of COVID still hovering all over the place. These last two years have been very trying for me because of the constant cancellations and changes in the road racing schedule, and I have done my very best to find replacements and make quick, fair adjustments to keep this series afloat and breathing. It’s part of the job, and I know there are members in this club who don’t understand this. But fingers crossed I can get through all of 2022 without having to fix anything — in the past 11 years doing this, I can’t remember if that ever happened!!