Rules and Awards

Award pricing structure for men AND women

1st Place – $100
2nd Place – $80
3rd Place – $60
4th Place – $40
5th Place – $20

Rules – Top 7 scores are tabulated for Grand Prix standings

50% age graded and 50% race placement

  • OP — Where a runner places in the Overall Standings
  • AP —  Where a runner places in the Age-Graded Standings
  • PTS —  Add up the OP and the AP and you get your Grand Prix points, the least amount of points, the higher you place
  • If there are any ties in any of the standings the the tiebreaker will be the age-graded standings
  • Runners (male and female) must run in at least SEVEN road races in order to qualify for the year-ending prizes
  • All  club members’ times and scores are calculated in the Grand Prix series; however, if you do not run in SEVEN races, and it is evident as the year goes on that you will miss five races, then your times and scores will be DELETED and you will be INELIGIBLE in the scoring of past, present, and future races for that year.

The results from each race and the final standings will be displayed HERE