Compression Attire and Education

My name is Paul, and I am the Founder of Compression+Design.  We are a 5-year-old web resource for runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  As our name suggests, we focus heavily on compression gear education and reviews, but also do lots of writing on bike shorts, cold weather running gear, injuries, and more

The site is at, and we are constantly updating and adding to make sure the information is very current. Several other running clubs, race sites, and race teams have linked to us as a resource for their membership.

If you prefer mentioning specific pages instead of entire sites, our three most popular articles that have been linked to by other clubs and race sites are:

Compression Socks Overview:

Winter Running Gear Essentials:

Wear for Runners:

We hope you find this interesting. Please reach out if I can answer any questions or be of service at all!