Boston Lottery Deadline

Thursday, Nov. 30, is the deadline for submissions for Boston Marathon lottery

The RIRR is still awaiting word on whether the club will receive Boston Marathon waivers this year, but the plan is to hold the lottery during the December meeting. Club bylaws require that members meet eligibility requirements in order to participate in the lottery.
If you would like to be in the lottery please email on or before Nov. 30, 2017. The winners must pay the fee for the marathon, which was $355 for this past April’s race, as soon as possible. Please include in the email how you meet volunteer requirements specified below.

Link to full text of club bylaws: BYLAWS

AMENDMENT II – Boston Marathon Lottery Procedures
(added 12/10/2013)
Eligibility Requirements
Member in good standing for the entire calendar year of the drawing. This means paid in full, no more than 30 days beyond membership renewal date for the year.
Must meet all BAA specified eligibility requirements to the letter.
Must meet at least at least one of the automatic eligibility requirements or meet three of the aggregated eligibility requirements.

Automatic Eligibility will be granted to:
Officers of the Club as identified in Article VIII of these by-laws.
Hall of Fame members

Aggregated Eligibility Requirements
Members who provide volunteer service toward or on behalf of the club in at least three of the following capacities:
Volunteer for club race(s).
Volunteer at club’s picnic.
Volunteer at club’s Awards Banquet.
Author and submit three race reports to the club’s monthly newsletter.
Volunteer to maintain the Club Adopt-A-Spot.
Attend three or more club meetings.
Participate in a club group volunteer effort (such as a water stop, pace leader, etc.).
Other activities that are approved by the Board (bearing in mind that the whole purpose of having this eligibility requirement is to increase the number of members that contribute to the club’s operation and general well-being) and posted on newsletter or website.
Recruiting one new member (only one club member can get credit for an individual recruit).

Meeting Agenda – November 14

Rhode Island Road Runners – Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7:30pm at The Clubhouse (also known as the Bristol Country Club) 95 Tupelo Road (at crosswalk), Bristol, R.I
Review of minutes from previous month:

Membership Report:
Treasury Report:
Grand Prix Report:

Old Business:
Boston Waiver Status/Criteria
Bells by the Bay (Race day volunteer needs, update checklist)

New Business:
Singlet sale
Banquet location
Schedule for upcoming meetings