BAA Volunteers

Hi everyone. RIRR is looking for volunteers to help out at the BAA half marathon on Sunday, October 8th. We will be manning water stop #7. You do not have to be a RIRR to volunteer. To sign up go to

August Agenda

Rhode Island Road Runners – August 20, 2017 at RIRR picnic (after we eat)
Common Fence Point Community Center grounds, Portsmouth, RI

Review of minutes from previous month:

Membership Report:

Treasury Report:

Grand Prix Report: From Eric: Grand Prix schedule will be in July Newsletter. Grand Prix Standings were sent out last week.


Old Business:
Follow up on Dedication to Fred Zuleger
Club Clothing
New Business:
BAA Volunteer opportunity
Pub Runs
Schedule for upcoming meetings (Next meeting: Tuesday, September 12th at 7:30 – Bristol Clubhouse, Tupelo Drive, Bristol.)

RIRR Picnic

Hi RIRRs. Just a reminder about the picnic on Sunday. If you have not already done so please email if you plan on eating hot dogs and hamburgers so we can get an accurate count of each. Donations of side dishes and desserts are welcomed!!!

Meeting dates and times and picnic information

Sunday, August  20th – at the RIRR Picnic – Common Fence Point Community Center, 933 Anthony Road, Portsmouth. RI – 1PM
Tuesday, September 12th – Club House, 95 Tupelo Street, Bristol, RI – 7:30pm (free pizza!!!)

If you plan on attending the picnic on the 20th we are looking for food donations.  Please feel free to bring a dessert or side dish to share.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and soda are free. Please RSVP to as to the number of each you will be eating so we can be sure to have plenty on hand.

Picnic information can be found at