Meeting Agenda for May 9th

The meeting tonight will be at 7:30pm at Rhode Runner Inc., 657 N Main St, Providence RI. The agenda is as follows:

Membership Report
2016 163 (74F, 89M)
2015 189

Treasury Report
2016 – $2418 ($410 PP, $1911 Citizens, $97 undeposited funds), one account payable (Run the Res $150), one account receivable (PVD Marathon)

(Previous month: $2414; April expenses $482 singlets and pacer shirts, $21 quicken; April revenue $527 mostly membership dues renewals primarily)

2015 – $3088

Grand Prix Report

Old Business
Transition Updates – Treasurer (Citzens) and Membership (Paypal/January Renewals)
Rhode Runner Club discount reinstatement
Adopt a Spot follow up
PVD Marathon Volunteer Wrap up
Volunteering  – BAA 10K
Red Rooster Ramble
May Pub Run
Schedule for upcoming meetings
Club Clothing –
Club Promotion

New Business
Opportunity for staying in touch
Pacing  – Bristol, Surftown? Jamestown?

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