PUB Runs for May

May 4th – The Trap in East Greenwich — Rick
May 11th – The Gulf Stream in Portsmouth — Holtman
May 18th – The Little Bear  in Tiverton — Santillo
May 25th – The Guild Narragansett Brewery (this is tentative) — Johan

Adopt a Sport and RIRR Meetings

Adopt a Spot – help spruce up our spot on the East Bay Bike Path (at the finish of the Ramble)
Saturday, April 29th at 9am

May 9th at 7:30pm – Rhode Runner – 657 North Main Street, Providence, RI
June – TBD – Don Clukies house
July – TBD – Pat LaChance’s house
August – TBD – RIRR Picnic
September – TBD – Club House, Bristol, RI

RIRR March 2017 Aidan’s Pub, Bristol, April 15, 2017

These are the items we will be discussing at the meeting on Saturday:

Membership Report
2016 – 153 (breakdown not yet available; reconciling non-renewal drop)
2015 – 182 (80F, 102M)

Treasury Report
2016 – $2414 (Citizens: $2414, PP $0, Cash $0) (AP: $500 RR singlets, $150 RTR)
2015 – $3873

Grand Prix Report
Website Report

Old Business
Technology Transition Update/Access – Follow Up Items
—- Status of Citizens Account transition
—- Status of Paypal account transition/Implementation of notifications of new members
—- Status of Quickbooks
—- New system for recording financials

Follow up on January renewals
Rhode Runner Club discount reinstatement (not yet finalized)
Pacing – follow up on communication to members regarding pacing Volunteering
Providence Marathon Water Stop
Red Rooster Ramble
Alternate meeting locations

New Business
Adopt a Spot
Club clothing

Summarization of Take Aways, Action items, and Decisions/ Identification of additional time sensitive items to be addressed prior to May meeting


Next RIRR Meeting

Just a reminder that the next RIRR meeting will be held on Saturday, April 15, 1:30 p.m., at Aidan’s Pub on 5 John St. in Bristol. We will reserve a large table for the group, so please come join us for lunch and a club meeting!