Race Raffle Results

The annual race raffle raised $600 to donate on behalf of the Burlings in Isaac’s name thanks to our generous race directors…. the results of the raffle are below. Winners should look for a separate email from Kevin which will include the race directors so that you can coordinate your registration.

1-2 BK’s Tavern 5k (2 entries) – Fall River (3/20/2016) Eric Benvides Paul Savickas
3-4 Run the Reservoir 15k (2 entries)- North Scituate (4/2/2016) Kate McGowan Lisa Meehan
5 Fighting Seabees Half Marathon – North Kingstown (4/10/2016) Armand
6 Fighting Seabees 5k – North Kingstown (4/10/2016) Roger Gosciminski
7 Providence Rhode Race (Choice: Full or Half Marathon) (5/2/2015) Graham Powers
8-9 Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge Half Marathon (2 entries) – Foster (5/8/2016) Armand Bozena
10-11 Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge 5k (2 entries) – Foster (5/8/2016) Jay Littman Roger G
12 Castle Awards Half Marathon – Seekonk (6/5/2016) Linda Jackson
13 Castle Awards 5k – Seekonk (6/5/2016) Anne Walshe
14-15 Colt State Park Summer 5k (2 entries) – Bristol (6/22/2016) Linda Jackson Roger G
16 Independence Rhode Race (Half Marathon) – Bristol (7/2/2015) Elizabeth Dolce
17-18 Common Fence Point 5 Miler (2 entries) – Portsmouth (8/14/2016) Alison Don Clukies
19 East Bay Half Marathon – East Providence (8/14/2016) Linda J
20 East Bay 5k – East Providence (8/14/2016) Anne Walshe
21-22 Finish for a Guinness 5k (2 entries) – Warren (9/4/2016) Abby Kelly Powers
23 Jamestown Rhode Race (Half Marathon) (9/24/2016) Mark DiFranco
24 Westport Half Marathon – Westport, MA (9/25/2016) Eric Benevides
25-26 Fall River Half Marathon (2 entries) – Fall River (10/2/2016) Nels Johnson Don Clukies
27-28 Colt State Park Half Marathon (2 entries) – Bristol (11/6/2016) Elizabeth Dolce Cee Vallee
29-30 Trot Off Your Turkey 5k (2 entries) – Barrington (11/26/2016) John Santillo Jill Litman
31-32 Beat Santa 5k (2 entries)- Portsmouth (12/3/2016) Roger Gosciminski Lisa Meehan
33-34 Thompson Speedway Half Marathon (2 entries) – Thompson, CT (12/4/2016) Armand Linda Bachand Jackson
35-36 Thompson Speedway 5k (2 entries) – Thompson, CT (12/4/2016) Nels Johnson
37 narry summer 5k/10k/half Linda J
38 narry fall festival Eric Benevides
39 MA State Police Chase Paul Savickas
40 MA State Police Chase Bryan Ganley
41 Paul’s Thanksgiving Race Fred Zuleger
42 Paul’s Thanksgiving Race Bryan Ganley

Gas-X much anyone?

Research opportunity below:

You are being contacted about an opportunity to participate in a research study examining the prevalence of gastrointestinal distress triggers in distance runners and their contribution to gastrointestinal symptoms during training. In addition, the study will assess the validity and reliability of a gastrointestinal distress questionnaire.

If you participate, you’d be asked to keep track of your training over a month and fill out questionnaires on potential gastrointestinal distress triggers. Total participation time will be 1 to 1.5 hours over a one month period.
To be eligible to participate, you must meet the following criteria:
· Be age 18-65
· Be currently running ≥ 20 miles per week
· Have completed at least one 10-mile run over the past month
This study is being conducted by Patrick Wilson, PhD, RD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Old Dominion University. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please email him at pbwilson or call 757-683-4783.

Patrick B. Wilson, PhD, RD

Assistant Professor

Human Movement Sciences

Old Dominion University

2003A Student Recreation Center

Norfolk, VA 23529