“If you haven’t got charity in your heart, then you have the worst kind of heart disease.” –Bob Hope

Thank you Eric Benevides!


It’s difficult for me to express how grateful I am to the gentleman who paced Sundays race at 4:15. The group fell back with the exception of my 15 year old daughter Eve who was running her 1st marathon. Near the end her pace started dropping and he stayed with her. With his support she was able to finish at 4:17. At the end she was dehydrated and exhausted so my focus was on her and I don’t think I properly thanked him. If you could pass this note to him I would appreciate it.

Our family has had some challenges the last few years and running has helped my daughter through those times. With your help Eve’s first marathon and the support she received will become a cherished memory for what I hope will be a long and amazing life. Thank you so much for being there and encouraging her.


Jason Schoen