Newport Marathon Update

As you may have been following since my email last week regarding the unfortunate additional permit requested for Eident’s event in Newport, the outcome continues to disappoint. Thank you to those who made the effort to communicate your opinions to the decision makers. No doubt, their decision has paved the way for a race free-for-all since they have ignored basic property rights. I’d encourage everyone to act accordingly as you make your own assessment as to what really happened. Reward the investment of those who labored to provide you a quality event year after year. They made the investment before you spent your money. (You can watch the council vote here:

There are, unfortunately, a number of people whose moral GPS can’t seem to find the satellites. I’ll be keeping that in mind as I continue to field requests from numerous race organizations for the attention of Rhode Island Road Runners.

Kevin Brennan

One thought on “Newport Marathon Update

  1. I would suggest that if you use Facebook, go over to Gray Matter Productions and review their company. They got my one star (I would have given zero if it had been an option). I am still amazed that the Newport City Council was basically bought. This is not good for Newport, Marathons in general, nor ethical business practices. You will NEVER see my at the starting line of a Gray Matter Race.

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