Thanks RIRR

The Entire Rhode Island Road Runner Club

On behalf of my father Fred and the entire Zuleger family. I want to thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement and all of the kind words that were extended to our family. The support that has been shown to my father has been over whelming, and has meant so much to him during such a difficult time. Please extend our thank you to the entire club.


The Zuleger Family

Sad News

Sharing sad news with regret…

James Zuleger, son of RIRR Hall of Fame member Fred Zulger, passed last week. The wake will be Thusday 26 March 2015 at Ianotti Funeral Home 415 Washington Street in Coventry from 6-8 p.m.

The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Sts John & Paul Church 341 South Main Street in Coventry.

Our deepest condolences to Freddy Z and and his family.

Fred can be reached at
8 Long Pond Road
Coventry, RI 02816

Boston Prep Run Sunday 3/29

Anyone up for:

Take the commuter rail out of Back Bay Station at 845 am Sunday morning – get off at the Framingham stop (~930 am)

Run the marathon course back into Boston

This would be along the course beginning at mile 6 and continuing through the finish line. (That’s 20+ miles)

Newport Marathon Update

As you may have been following since my email last week regarding the unfortunate additional permit requested for Eident’s event in Newport, the outcome continues to disappoint. Thank you to those who made the effort to communicate your opinions to the decision makers. No doubt, their decision has paved the way for a race free-for-all since they have ignored basic property rights. I’d encourage everyone to act accordingly as you make your own assessment as to what really happened. Reward the investment of those who labored to provide you a quality event year after year. They made the investment before you spent your money. (You can watch the council vote here:

There are, unfortunately, a number of people whose moral GPS can’t seem to find the satellites. I’ll be keeping that in mind as I continue to field requests from numerous race organizations for the attention of Rhode Island Road Runners.

Kevin Brennan

Rules of the Road

Something very wrong is happening in our local running community of which I would like to make you aware. Race Directors, as you may know, have very little in the way of real and tangible property. Sure they have their cones and clocks, but in the end they serve no purpose if they have no race to conduct. And while race ‘ownership’ doesn’t really exist, respect and ethical behavior does. Or rather, they should.
Since 2008, Eident Sports has produced the races in Newport in October. The full and the half that take runners out and around Ocean Drive and into Middletown and Portsmouth. They invest their resources, their talents, their sweat. They front a lot of money making contracts with no guarantee that Mother Nature will cooperate. Much like the third Sunday in August is the Common Fence Point 5 Miler, and the 4th Saturdayin March is the Run the Reservoir in Foster, October in Newport is Eident’s. Of course there are no decrees of ownership, and while no common law exists for these events, the reality is that there IS common law. It is this: compete, don’t steal. Don’t cheat. We saw the right way two Springs ago: Reach the Beach was in year 4 of their Massachusetts race from Wachusett to Westport. Relay giant, Ragnar ran a competitive event in the Spring weeks apart on a different course. RTB came up a distant second in terms of participants. Ragnar won. I don’t like the outcome. I haven’t run a Ragnar event. But they did it right: compete, don’t steal.
Eident has made the investments in their Newport event. It is nationally recognized for its quality. And there’s an attempt being made to steal it… complete with promises of donations, political connections, and corporate rivalry. We should not sit idly by. If another race organization wants to take ownership of distance events in Newport, go for it. Create your event. Invest in it. Market it. Produce it. Make it great. We runners would love another high quality road race. But don’t choose the existing event. You did absolutely nothing to make that what it is, and it isn’t your right. The only right you have is to compete. Otherwise, you are no different than the one who took the green line to Boylston Street and accepted her Ivy wreath only to be exposed later. We don’t get to decide what our reputations are; our actions do. Ask Rosie Ruiz.
What can you do? Be heard. Contact the city councilors listed below. Tell them about how you recognize quality and value loyalty. Tell them they should too. Remind them that Eident is responsible for the economic impact of those 4000 runners each Columbus Day in Newport, spending money in their city, at businesses who’s citizens elected them. Eident is responsible. Tell them they should vote on Eident’s permit request first, and not the one of the group whose owner is connected politically. Tell them they don’t get to decide what their reputation is.

Jeanne-Marie Napolitano:
Marco Camcho:
Lynn Underwood Ceglie:
Kathryn Leonard:
Naomi Neville:
John Florez:
Justin McLaughlin:

If you would like more specific details of these happenings, you can (and probably should) read about them here:

Susan Rancourt is the Executive Director of Eident Sports, and a member of Rhode Island Road Runners.

Please be heard on this… facebook, email, phone calls.

Kevin Brennan
Rhode Island Road Runners

Meeting update…

What did you miss at the meeting last night?

Grand Prix discussion – is a top prize of $100 too much considering due are only $25? Should members be required to wear club clothing to earn points?

Cox Rhode races – we need a volunteer to lead a water stop and one to lead the Pacer organizing…

We are exploring clothing vendor options (again).