Thursday 12/6/2014 Pub Run Riverside – Town Pizza

Subject: Thursday 12/6/2014 Pub Run Riverside – Town Pizza

Menu and maps attached… weather looks good.

Suggest parking at the dry cleaner across the street from Town Pizza… this place has never had a pub run… food is excellent, hopefully the service will be too.

1. Please pass this on.

2. RSVP if you are planning to run so I can give them a guestimate.

3. Questions?

Clukies Club Party

Christmas run from my house Friday Dec 12 about 6pm 5 mi in the neighborhood. Two courses. One w/Santillo, one with me. Bring some snacks for afterward and an inappropriate gift exchange if you dare. I will supply the beer and support. You do not need to run to be present. Guests are welcome. Don’t leave this earth without having attended one of these bashes. Address is 173 Heidi Dr, Portsmouth RI. Be there or be square.

Boston Marathon Invitational Entries

The Boston Athletic Association has awarded Rhode Island Road Runners 3 invitational entries for the 2015 Boston Marathon.  These entries are qualifying time waived.  Eligible members can submit their names for a raffle to be held at the December meeting on 12/9/14.  Eligibility requirements are posted in the by laws.  RIRR is honored to have been awarded these coveted entries and grateful to the BAA for their consideration.