Westport, Boston Registration, Beat Santa

* If you are running Westport, be sure to alert them that you are part of RIRR… with 12 members, special perks are available!* Registration for Boston 2015 is closed an will not re-open. There are more qualifiers signed up than there are spots (again). No word yet on whether the Invitational entry program will be available or include RIRR yet.
* Beat Santa 2014 – interest level in a Saturday evening event… say 5 p.m. with lots of glow gear and lights? Unique, novel, and no fear of alternative race conflicts. Who has an opinion? Share your comment!

Three Powers’ PR’s

In the Ironman last weekend!

Trevor Powers

Swim 01:12:32 Bike 05:30:40 Run 03:52:13 Finish 10:44:27

Graham Powers

Swim 01:09:23 Bike 05:31:25 Run 03:59:22 Finish 10:48:36

Kelly Powers

Swim 01:29:39 Bike 07:18:55 Run 05:47:39 Finish 14:57:00